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Precept Bible Studies
True Remnant By Grace by Ah'Qara Batach - PDF | Video
Beware of Vipers (Pharisees, Hypocrites) by Ah'Qara Batach
- PDF | Video
The Curse of Israel by Ah'Qara Batach
- PDF | Video
Not Baptized, Not Circumcised Ah'Qara Batach
- PDF 1 | PDF 2 | Video
The Definition of Slander by Ah'Qara Batach
- PDF | Video
Mouth (Precept Bible Study) by Ah'Qara Batach
- PDF | Music Video
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Shalom everyone it’s your boy Poloh CO aka “CO”. Usually my music would generally be based off worldly concepts the usual - pertaining to drugs, violence, swagger, and/or the degradation of women. Recently, I have found the Most High God and through His Grace, through faith in Christ, my eyes were opened and I discovered the truth. The hidden information this world do not want us to know about, only to keep us in bondage and confused. From the true agenda behind the scenes aimed towards my people world-wide, and believers in general -- still to this day we are opressed, suffering mentally and spirtually. I am still learning and have made the choice to change the type of music I present and make it more informative and positive -- and as I grow in Christ, so will my music. My process of making music is the same but now based off real true-life concepts still with catchy hooks, and solid verses, but mostly aimed towards the enlightenment of others. Thanks to the Most High I did not sign a deal and become an industry artist because I would have been blinded by the money, fame, and material things. With that being said I present to you true, Real Hebrew Music! All Glory, Honor, & Praises be to the Most High God “AHAYAH”, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all in the name of His Son"YASHA" Christ.

Just want to thank you for reading this hope you enjoy the music and I look forward to your comments.
Shalom, Poloh CO

Poloh CO: rapper & hip hop artist from North Carolina.

Feel free to reach out to me on any of my social pages for a feature, to support or to build. You can also send an e-mail directly to polohco@gmail.com - AHAYAH bless, through Christ Our Lord & Saviour who Strengthens!!


Poloh CO - GROWTH 1.0 [The Album] is one of three mini albums that I have put together through the grace of the Most High in Christ. Growth 1.0 is the debut of the GROWTH series and intended to reflect the growth in my walk in Christ, all while inspiring others. The GROWTH album series is complete so be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube etc... for updates! If you like what you hear please share! If you would like to further support the work that I am doing, you may send a donation through PayPal. Contributions helps majorily, and I look forward to getting more music released in the near future! God Bless!!

12 Lost Tribes of Israel PDF's:

African Americans, Negros: Tribe of Judah
Mexicans, Hispanics: Tribe of Isassachar
Jamaicans, West Indies, Trinidadians: Tribe of Benjamin
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